Pelican Case Lid Organizers

Remove the foam from the lid of your Pelican case, and you have a space for a Camera Essentials Pelican lid organizer! Store your cables, small accessories, and tools so you can access them quickly and see everything at a glance.

  • Clear vinyl pockets have touch sensitive closure flaps.
  • Made of durable nylon and heavyweight clear vinyl for visibility.
  • Adds more storage to organize your equipment.
  • Attaches to the Pelican lid with Velcro strips (supplied).

The Camera Essentials Pelican Lid Organizer is extremely useful to organize extra components (batteries, chargers, cables, filters, cleaning kits, etc). The clear vinyl pockets allow you to see exactly where each component is stored.

Adhesive Hook Velcro is supplied so you can attach the Camera Essentials Pelican Lid Organizer to your Pelican case lid.

The first Camera Essentials Pelican lid organizer we made was for first camera assistant George Sanchez, to organize his Pelican 1520 cases for his Preston FI+Z units. George wanted clear pockets to see all the Preston rings and cables at a glance.

Other camera assistants saw George’s 1520 Pelican lid organizers, and requested that we design other size cases. The product soon snow-balled into us making Pelican lid organizers for the entire 1500 & 1600 series.

Our sturdy materials stand up to tough conditions on location. Plus, our Camera Essentials Pelican Lid organizers are waterproof to keep your gear dry when the weather is bad.

Camera Essentials Pelican Lid Organizers are sometimes referred to as Harrison Pelican Lid Organizers. Same product, difference name!

Camera Essentials/Harrison Pelican Lid Organizers are made in the USA in Southern California. Camera crews have been using our Pelican Lid Organizers since 2007. We are proud to see our Camera Essentials Pelican Lid Organizers on film sets worldwide in the camera department, grip and electrical, and in still photographers Pelican cases.

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