Classic Dark Cloth

The Harrison Classic Dark Cloth. The Harrison Classic Dark Cloth is a large focusing cloth that can be used for 4×5 up to 11×14 (and panoramic) view cameras. The hook-and-loop along one side insures a snug fit around any size of bellows. The silver fabric outside will keep you cool while focusing and is waterproof. The black fabric inside is a soft Taslon — a synthetic fabric that has no lint. The large size of the classic dark cloth provides enough room around you and the camera back to keep things dark while focusing.

  • Cloth can be used for large format still photography and motion picture photography.
  • Reflective silver fabric keeps heat out and interior cool. Black inner fabric is lint-free.
  • Made from waterproof fabrics for use as a focusing cloth, a raincover, a suncover, or a blackout cloth.
  • Hook-and-Loop closure along one side.

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