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our story

our story

Camera Essentials is the source for custom cinema sewing. Our business started in the late 1980’s when our founder, a camera assistant named Patti Harrison, was frustrated using the black changing bag to load motion picture film on location. There had to be a better way than struggling with fabric, film magazines and precious exposed film. In her down time, she designed and patented the Harrison Film Changing Tent, with lightproof fabric produced to her specifications. By designing sewn products with the motion picture camera crew in mind, Camera Essentials developed into a trusted source for camera accessories, and for developing prototypes for motion picture and still photographic equipment.

Since then, Camera Essentials has continued to work with motion picture camera manufacturers and rental houses worldwide to develop custom sewn products for their equipment. Camera Essentials uses industrial fabrics to sew custom weather protector covers, equipment bags, monitor shades and even crane and remote-head rain-covers.

Camera Essentials is committed to applying ourselves, our resources, and our experience to each and every project. We are proud of the work we do and the relationships we form during each project. Thank you for visiting.