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Pelican Lid Pocket Organizers

Posted June 2, 2016, in Patti's Blog

Pelican 1510The first Pelican lid organizer we made was for assistant George Sanchez, to organize his Pelican 1520 cases for his Preston FI+Z units. George wanted clear pockets to see all the Preston rings and cables at a glance. At the time, I thought we would just make a couple for George, and that would be it.

But…other assistants saw George‚Äôs 1520 lid pocket organizers, and they wanted the same thing. The product soon snow-balled into us making lid organizers for the entire Pelican 1500 & 1600 series. The 1510 Lid Organizer is now our best selling unit!

At first, I could make custom orders for individuals, but pretty soon my patternmaker was overwhelmed with all the different versions. We decided to stick with our basic layouts developed in the early days of making Pelican lid pockets.

I’m always interested in what items could make the camera assistants job more efficient – I’m eager to hear new ideas and recommendations! The best products come from feedback from camera assistants and operators.